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About SMV Performance Psychology

Performance Psychology SMV Performance Psychology was set up by Spencer Vickery to provide a service designed to support athletes, businesses, and educational organisations.

Spencer has been working with athletes, businesses, and in educational settings for the three years providing a fun and enjoyable service helping people to perform to their potential and gain success and increased enjoyment from what they do.

Spencer has a background in golf where he competed as a professional or seven years, played for England Schools, and represented Gloucestershire Golf Union for six years before taking the plunge in to the professional ranks.


Not Just For Elite Athletes

Performance Psychology At present Spencer and his team have worked with Bristol Rovers F.C , Somerset and Gloucestershire Golf Union squads, and many other elite level amateurs and professionals from the world of golf, cycling, football, athletics and the equestrian world, some of which are amongst the best in the world at what they do.

However Spencer and the team are keen to stress that sport psychology is not just for elite athletes or professionals and SMV Performance Psychology actively encourage sports men and women from all levels to use sports psychologist or psychological skills coaches whether you are at a beginner or intermediate level in your sport as getting in to the right habits and developing the right skills early on can have a huge impact on how far you can go in your sport and how smooth the ride is getting there.


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