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Why us

Marathon RunnersOur ethics and values say a lot about why we are able to help athletes, businesses, and educational organisations so much, we really are in it to help and bring quality of life, satisfaction, and enjoyment to people who come to see us. We are passionate to use our training and education in psychology to get the best out of people and helping people to perform to the way they know they can deep down and we are excited to see others unlock this potential and put smiles on faces.

Secondly Spencer and the team have a great deal of knowledge in high pressure situations where performing at a high level is required. From a sports perspective we feel that being trained in the psychology of sport and performance but also having the experience of knowing what it feels like to sleep uneasy the night before a major tournament, or to have hit a drive on the first tee of a professional tournament with television cameras and a crowd watching on, or to compete in a sudden death playoff to win a major professional tournament is a powerful and effective combination, it is the sort of thoughts and feelings experienced in these situation which allow

Spencer and the team to make an immediate connection and understanding so that interventions can be put in place to move forward to greater success and enjoyment.

Ethics & Values

The key Although we are a profit making business one of the key values we hold as a business is to be client focused at all times. This means that above all else our focus is on your performance and getting the best out of you so that your quality of life be it in sports, business, or life in general is maximised. This is the reason for which we studied human behaviour and thought in the beginning and we are keen to stick to our values.

How do we do this? We make it a key focus to keep up with the latest research to come out of the research world of psychology and adopt that in to our applied psychology as much as possible, we also look to carry out our own research to add to our learning and the development the field of psychology.

From an ethical stand point it is vitally important that we keep your data confidential at all times meaning that information cannot and will not be passed in to the hands of others, the only way this can happen is with your consent only.

Finally if we feel that we are unable to help with your concerns or issues or it is beyond our skill set then we will offer a referral to an appropriate professional who may be better suited to manage the issue in hand.